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My most personal song is out...

My most personal song so far... Ugly Beast is out now.

A song about not being able to continue your normal life because you feel a constant threat.

Spring 2019 I took a writing trip to my beloved Nashville Tennessee. I gathered all my thoughts and started digging in my notebook. I found a lot of sadness and things I worried about. I was writing one song every single day. But the thing I was struggling most with I had a hard time putting into words and music. I got the inspiration to write the song after reading a book that said sometimes facing your demons is the only way to win the battle. With this in mind I sat down with @femkesongs and @johnreynolds. They allowed me to dig deep, shed tears and to create the song that is my most personal song so far. After this trip I experienced a burn-out.

I was still recovering when Covid-19 hit the world. Seeing the frustration, struggle and grief of people not being able to continue their normal lives resonated with my burn-out period. I felt it was time to share my story. I hope my honesty, struggle and perseverance will be recognised by others living in these uncertain times. Ugly Beast tells how I could no longer fight the stresses of life and felt constantly in search of peace. Preventing this was a voice that kept telling me that I was worthless and would never find love.

I’ve tried to be open about it in my personal life, on stage and online. Not because I want to set an example or to ask for your sympathy or sorry. But because I’m looking for the human connection. You are not alone. Everyone that seems alright has a soul that’s hurting deep inside.

It was such an emotional experience recording this song. I wanted to tell my story and this wonderful team tucked it in safely and gave it wings!

Ugly Beast was produced by Benjamin Rheinländer and Pieternel

Mixed by Benjamin Rheinländer

Mastered by Wessel Oltheten

Drums by Benjamin Rheinländer

Bass by Lucas Dols

Guitars by Bram Dorelijers and Maarten van Damme

The videoclip will be released on march 8th on youtube

I hope it resonates with you…

Let me know what you think 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

Big hug,



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