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My new single 'I'M READY' is out!

N E R V O C I T I N G. It’s been 1,5 years since I released new music. I was struggling with a burn-out and my creative flow was absolutely gone. When people asked me if I was making music again I got really nervous and even terrified. When performing, stage freight would take over. I needed time to come back to me, to feel safe. It took lot’s of walks, sat down on random benches to soak in the sun, learned to slow down and listen to what my body was telling me. The support of my amazing family & friends and fans was crucial.

In February I told my psychologist that I was ready to open up my world a little. I felt more stable and was curious to start making plans again. When Covid-19 hit the world, I was still recovering. In the beginning, this huge shift in life gave me so much stress. But after a while I felt the urge of creating new songs. Seeing the frustration, struggle and grief of people not being able to continue their normal lives resonated with my burn-out period.

My new single is called I’M READY. It’s feel like new era. I’m nervous and excited (nervociting!) but most of all..I’m Ready. I’m Ready to show myself again, for change, to get out there, ready to be in a meaningful relationship. It’s my roar for love and longing for connection.

My wish in these times where we can easily drown in the successes shown online, is that we can also share real stories. Cuz in this complicated world we need true feelings. I hope my honesty, struggle and perseverance will be recognised by you and will empower you.




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