“Roosevelt Island brings through a whole host of influences – a touch of americana mixed with appealing pop hooks and guitars deeply based in folky rhythms come together to create just huge amounts of enjoyment.”  Yack Magazine (USA)

“An intimate acoustic affair that just calms everyone and everything around it. With vocals as beautiful as you could imagine this sounds like it could have been born in the heart of the American Country scene, not Holland’s Amsterdam” Mind Noises Network (USA)

"Dutch frontwoman brings the same energy as Jade Bird to her latest indie-pop jam” Mystic Sons (UK)



Amsterdam based songstress Pieternel makes Americana music, mixing classic country music with modern pop and folk elements. With her soothing yet powerful voice she shares stories from underneath her skin and paints intimate portraits of others. Her music parallels that of artists like Brandi Carlile, First Aid Kit and Chris Stapleton. 


At a young age Pieternel took to the stage, music was her breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sitting in front of the record player she sang along with a wide variety of artists from The Beatles to Edith Piaf. At the age of 16 she won the public award of Concours de la Chanson. She explored multiple music genres but when she picked up the guitar and started writing her own songs she found herself leaning more and more towards Americana music, finding her voice

in the straightforward storytelling of country music. Powerful and vulnerable, like her idols Bonnie Raitt, Dolly Parton and Eva Cassidy.  


She came to the scene with the EP All Night Cafe in 2018, followed by her debut full length album Roosevelt Island – a record she created and released independently on her own label and presented in a sold-out Bitterzoet. Before recording this album, she made frequent songwriting-trips to NYC and Nashville and fell in love with their vibrant music scene. No wonder she recorded the album in Nashville, Tennessee. The album was produced by Grammy award winning producer Femke Weidema and Gouden Kalf winning Helge Slikker. The album caught the attention of multiple international playlists and Dutch radio stations. Pieternel played a release tour with her band and solo as part of the program “Nashville comes to Holland”. Together with fellow Dutch Nashville girl Judy Blank she teamed up for a club tour. She played a few shows in the US and was the only foreign act playing for the Brooklyn Americana Festival. Pieternel has opened for artists such as Brandy Clark, Levi Hummon, Angeleena Presley and Helge and played shows in the Netherlands and the USA.