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Vocal coach - 6 weekse zangcursus

Start een 6 weekse zangcursus in de studio van Sing a Songbird of comfortabel online vanuit je eigen huis.


Verbeter en verdiep je talent of zet juist de eerste stap. Pieternel geeft je, met haar unieke methode, hier alle middelen en begeleiding voor. Dit is een mogelijkheid om vooruit te gaan in een periode waarin alles stil staat.

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Vocal coach

Pieternel studied pop/jazz singing at the Conservatorium of Utrecht and got her bachelor as an actress at the Amsterdamse Toneelschool& Kleinkunst Academie. Therefore she can teach you a lot about your voice, but also about stage presentation and performing.

With more than 10 years of experience, she is the right coach for pop to light classical music. You can choose your own songs and your goals are central. Her passion is to get the best out of you. Pieternel coached several students to audition for The Voice and the Conservatory, among others.

Pieternel coaches in Amsterdam in her studio. 

Interested in coaching?


   "Pieternel helped me a lot to learn which exercises I can use  to warm up my voice. This made me discover that I could actually do more with my voice than I thought."

(Diane van der Hoeven)

  "Pieternel, next to being a great vocal coach, what a lovely human being you are! You bring out the best in every student with respect and humor. Thank you for your lessons."

(Aniek Bax)

   "At the very beginning you said: "In a few weeks you will be able to sing this song." And I did. Your confidence gave me the feeling that I could make mistakes."

(Vera Hanekamp)

   "I have a busy office job working from 9 to 5. I didn't make much time for singing. When I allowed myself a weekly lesson, I started to rediscover myself and my voice. I don't want to live without it anymore."

(Francien Wigman)


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